Public Skating & Public Hockey Schedule 

Walk On FS/ID and Hockey Session Rules

*On first visit you must completely fill out waiver form and place in payment envelope
*Make sure you completely fill out and seal payment envelope. Place envelope in mailbox over sign in sheet. All checks can be made out to the Babson Skating Center. (Cash or check only)
*Ice Rates are $15 per hour

*Prior to teaching, you must provide Sue Sullivan with your valid instructors insurance issued by USFA, ISI, PSA
*Sign in on sign out sheet before you enter the rink
*All instructors are required to either pay a $200 yearly fee, or $10 for each hour.

General Rules:
*Skaters and Coaches are to be courteous and professional to all others on and off the ice
*Skaters who are doing a program have the right of way on designated ID & FS sessions
*Skaters and coaches are expected to start and end lessons or programs within scheduled rink sessions
*No pucks are allowed at any time during any session, and sticks are only allowed during designated hockey sessions
*Times are subject to change without notice. Please check schedules posted in our lobby and online.
*These are not public sessions. All skaters must have an instructor with them at all times, or be working on moves or routines.   
*The Babson Skating Center and its staff reserve the right to accept or decline any skater at any time during any one of its sessions.