3v3 Basketball - Fall 2017

* Monday night
* Staake Gymnasium 
* first team listed wears white
* late team -> 1 point penalty/minute


2017 IM 3v3 Hoops Champions:



 Place Team Name Record No Shows Points
1 Mambas 6-0   12
JGT 6-0   12
Larry Legend 5-1   10
SigEp 5-1   10
Babo Feminists 4-2   8
Kosher Truffle 4-2 7
MSEL 3-3   6.75
The Nest 3-3   6.5
The Step Dads 3-3   6
10  Yung Buckets 2-4   4
11  International All Stars 1-5   2
12  NAFTA 1-5   2
13  Mean Machine 1-5   2
14  Natalia's Squad 1-5 0
DQ Fresh Water 1-5 2 DQ
DQ  Tiger Sharks 0-5 3 DQ





Monday 9/11

9pm Kosher Truffle vs JGT
9pm Yung Buckets vs SigEp Raiders
9pm Babo Feminists vs MSEL
9pm The Step Dads vs Fresh Water
9:45pm The Nest vs Natalia's Squad
9:45pm International All Stars vs Tiger Sharks
9:45pm Larry Legend vs NAFTA
9:45pm Mambas vs Mean Machine

Week 1
Monday 9/18

8pm The Nest vs Fresh Water 30-15
8pm International All Stars vs Natalia's Squad 30-15
8pm Larry Legend vs Tiger Sharks 20-10
8pm Mambas vs NAFTA 40-15
8:45pm Kosher Truffle vs Mean Machine 30-15
8:45pm Yung Buckets vs JGT 36-23
8:45pm Babo Feminists vs SigEp Raiders 32-15
8:45pm The Step Dads vs MSEL 30-15

Week 2
Monday 9/25

9pm Kosher Truffle vs NAFTA 22-14
9pm Yung Buckets vs Mean Machine 33-15
9pm Babo Feminists vs Mambas 38-24
9pm The Step Dads vs SigEp Raiders 42-17
9:45pm The Nest vs MSEL 14-13
9:45pm International All Stars vs Fresh Water 14-9
9:45pm Larry Legend vs Natalia's Squad 12-0
9:45pm JGT vs Tiger Sharks 12-0

Week 3
Monday 10/2

9pm The Nest vs SigEp Raiders 15-39
9pm International All Stars vs MSEL 8-28
9pm Larry Legend vs Fresh Water 12-0
9pm Mambas vs Natalia's Squad 30-15
9:45pm Kosher Truffle vs Tiger Sharks 12-0
9:45pm Yung Buckets vs NAFTA 19-20
9:45pm Babo Feminists vs Mean Machine 48-2
9:45pm The Step Dads vs JGT 28-33

Week 4
Monday 10/9 - COLUMBUS DAY _ NO GAMES!

9pm Kosher Truffle vs Natalia's Squad HOLIDAY
9pm Yung Buckets vs Tiger Sharks HOLIDAY
9pm Mambas vs Fresh Water HOLIDAY
9pm The Step Dads vs Mean Machine HOLIDAY
9:45pm The Nest vs JGT HOLIDAY
9:45pm International All Stars vs SigEp Raiders HOLIDAY
9:45pm Larry Legends vs MSEL HOLIDAY
9:45pm Babo Feminists vs NAFTA HOLIDAY

Week 5
Monday 10/16

9pm The Nest vs Mean Machine 39-6
9pm International All Stars vs JGT 7-44
9pm Larry Legend vs SigEp Raiders 0-12
9pm Mambas vs MSEL 47-25
9:45pm Kosher Truffle vs Fresh Water 12-0
9:45pm Yung Buckets vs Natalia's Squad 32-14
9:45pm Babo Feminists vs Tiger Sharks 12-0
9:45pm The Step Dads vs NAFTA 26-22


Week 6
Monday 10/23

9pm The Step Dads II vs MSEL 17-20
9pm Mambas vs SigEP Raiders 35-15
9pm Kosher Truffle vs JGT 30-36
9pm Larry Legend vs Yung Buckets 32-19
9:45pm NAFTA vs The Nest 16-20
9:45pm Babo Feminists vs International All Stars 40-10
9:45pm Natalia's Squad vs Mean Machine 25-9
9:45pm Fresh Water vs Tiger Sharks 0-0 


Week 7
Monday 10/30

9pm Kosher Truffle vs SigEp Raiders  0-12
9pm The Step Dads II vs  The Nest  37-22
9pm Larry Legend vs  MSEL  15-11
9pm Mambas vs  International All Stars  32-14
9:45pm Natalia's Squad vs  Mean Machine  0-12
9:45pm Babo Feminists vs  Yung Buckets  32-14
9:45pm NAFTA vs  JGT  19-32
9:45pm Fresh Water vs Tiger Sharks   DQ


Monday 11/6

9pm Game 1.... 12-0 Mambas vs The Nest
9pm Game 2.... 26-21 JGT vs MSEL
9pm Game 3.... 17-23 Larry Legend vs Kosher Truffle
9pm Game 4.... 24-14 SigEP Raiders vs Babo Feminists


Semi-Finals & Finals
Monday 11/13
(Semi-Finals @ 8:15, Championship Round Immediately Thereafter)

8:15pm Semi-Final 1 Mambas vs SigEp Raiders 28-16
8:15pm Semi-Final 2 JGT vs Kosher Truffle 37-27


Monday 11/13



vs JGT 44-26



Babo Feminists
Nick Lorello
Kalyan Ramkumar
Sean Rezendes
Louis Nejame
Sean Haney
Jeremy Cabling

Fresh Water
Taras Polakoff
Kevin Luu
Lachlan Dibbayawan
Connor O'Brien
Nick Gutierrez
Petros Efstratoudakis
Edward Huang

International All Stars
Justin Teo
William Persson
Willem van de Burg
Manel Galvez
Jeroen Schmitz

Gerald Smith
Tyrick Pailan
Jack Raegan
Matt Chiasson

Kosher Truffle
Joe Jarecki
Austin Greenfield
Daniel Ben-Avner
Jacob Kerzner
Alexander Ferenczi
Jacob Spitz
Yoni Bachar

Larry Legend
Sean Wirth
Mike Belkin
Jesse Pacheco
Sam Nepomuceno

Thomas Cui
Ethan Staes
Tim Galloway-Burke

Mean Machine
Sebastian Olea
Nick Aloia
John Malloy
Tyler Quade
Isiah Gonzales

Gabriel Skelton
Shivam Agarwal
Yulio Sttobe

Matt Miller
Pearce Tibbles
Cameron Frye
Yash Banthia
Cyrus Sabouri
Enrique Irizarry

Natalia's Squad
Natalia Castellanos
Kaina Lisibach
Muna Salad
Yuanyuan Wu

Chris Wallace
Radner Van Der Hyde
Uma Desai
Sungwoo Park
Rachel Yaney
Mafalda Borges
Steven Meyer
Mary Keenan
Anders Johnson
Michaela Chiang
Jenny Vacarro

SigEp Raiders
Mark Koerner
Cole Morrison
Schuyler Hedberg
Alex Gounarakis
Justin Guerette

The Nest
Robert Wilkes
Eagles Li
Ben Kishore
Jason Cong
Ben Stegeman
Willis Tsai

The Step Dads
Kyle Alexander
Danny Young
Chris Bornhorst
Martin Jensen
Lukas Linemayr
Riley Whitham
Pat Quinn
Mitch Kubik

Tiger Sharks
Srikanth Katikala
Christian Sartori
Kiernan Leahy
Karan Choudhary
Sam Fleming
Harry Joon Woo Choi



Two halves of 12 minutes. Stoppage time and a 15 second shot clock will be used in the last two minutes of the game. Half-time shall be 2 minutes. The first team ready to play (3 players present) will receive ball or defense choice. 1st half defense will get 2nd half ball. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Each team should start the game with 4 players, with a minimum of 3 is needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.

TIME-OUTS: Each team is permitted one time-out.

OT: 1-minute break...coin toss for possession...2 minute periods

EQUIPMENT: sneaker footwear is required...no exposed braces

SCORING: within the 3-pt stripe=1 & outside the 3-pt stripe=2

RULES: Make-It Take-It with traditional NCAA Rules...
* 3 seconds in the paint
* possession starts one foot beyound the 3-point stripe

SUBSTITUTIONS: after any basket

FOULS: Players call fouls. Officials will mediate captain disputes. Your opponent gains possession after each of your fouls. Officials call technical fouls (two free-throws awarded) & will be called on for unsportsmanlike behavior (fighting = ejection)

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.