5v5 Basketball - Winter 2017


* Staake Gymnasium
* Monday + Thursday -> 8pm-11pm
* 1st game listed plays on the 1st court
* 1st team listed wears white
* late teams = 1 point penalty/minute
* arrive with clean & separate basketball sneakers

Bold Indicates Winning Team


Week 1

Court 1:                                                               Court 2:

Sudo Made Buckets 23 v. White Chocolate 22     Bank 23 v. Stepdads 34

Babo Feminists 33 v. Sfardies 35                         Monstars 42 v. Los Del Sur 22

Technical Foul 37 v. Ballway 17


Thursday 2/9:

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Delt Express v. The North                            8pm: Cranium Crucios v. Asphalt Ninjas

9pm: Slicing Samuris v. Dudes                             9pm: Gap Kids and Will v. Tuesdays


Week 2

Monday 2/13:

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

Team Justin 33 v. Technical Foul 27                   Sfardies 44 v. Stepdads 38

Los Del Sur 22 v.  Bank 26                                 Asphalt Ninjas 54 v. The North 35

Delt Express 41 v. Ballway 30


Thursday 2/16:

Court 1:                                                             

8pm: Stepdads 39 v. Monstars 44

9pm: Gap Kids and Will 37 v. Babo Feminisits 45


Week 3

Monday 2/20:

Court 1:                                                           Court 2:

8pm: Sudo Made Buckets v. Bank                       8pm: White Chocolate v. Stepdads

9pm: Babo Feminists v. Monstars                        9pm: Sfardies v. Technical Foul

10pm: The North v. Ballway


Thursday 2/23:

Court 1:                                                         

8pm: Delt Express 47 v. Los Del Surs 35                   

9pm: Slicing Samuris 30 v. Asphalt Ninjas 50            


Week 4

Monday 2/27:

Court 1:                                                        Court 2:

8pm: Sfardies 40 v. Asphalt Ninjas 55          8pm: Bank 35 v. Stepdads 45

9pm: Monstars 50 v. Slicing Samuris 30

10pm: Sudo Made Buckets 20 v. Ballway 0


Thursday 3/2:

Court 1:                                                      

8pm: Delt Express 39 v. Gap Kids and Wll 34             

9pm: Babo Feminists 40 v. The North 20



Monday 3/6:

Court 1:                                                        Court 2:

8pm: Technical Foul 39 v. Bank 37               8pm: Sfardies 45 v. Basement Basketball 30

9pm: Babo Feminists 36 v. Delt Express 51              

10pm: The North 36 v. Gap Kids 25


Thursday 3/9:

Court 1:                                                       

8pm: Asphalt Ninjas 57 v. Cranium Crucious 36

9pm: Stepdads 34 v. Monstars 36


Monday 3/13:


8pm: Asphalt Ninjas 22 v. Monstars 26

9pm: Delt Express 30 v. Sfardies 26


Wednesday 3/15:


8pm: Delt Express 27 v. Monstars 28




TEAM MEMBERS: Each team should start with 7 players, with a
minimum of 5 is needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport. Substitutions happen from the team bench area.

SCORING: Scoring will be 1's and 2's. (One point for any regular basket, Two points for any three pointer) If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the ball goes in they will get 1 point for the basket and 1 point for the foul.

GAME: Jump ball start and alternating possessions. Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time with two halves of 20 minutes. Five minute half-time. Last two minutes...no running clock, 30 second shot clock.

TIME-OUTS: Each team is permitted one time-out per half.

OVERTIME (TIE GAME): A 2-minute intermission will be followed by
2-minute clock stoppage periods. Officials will do a OneCard flip to
determine first possession (this possession rotates with the need for
additional OT periods).

EQUIPMENT: Sneaker footwear is required. No exposed braces.

RULESM: Traditional NCAA Collegiate rules will be used...

SUBSTITUTIONS: Deadball whistles.

FOULS: Non-shooting fouls during the last two-minutes of the game will be one-on-one. Technical fouls will be called for unsportsmanlike behavior (two free throws & possession). Violent actions (i.e. very hard fouls, fighting, etc.) will result in a double-technical and ejection. Ejection from a contest means you sit out the next contest.

20 POINT LEAD: Defensive press is restricted to the half court line.

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.

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