5v5 Basketball - Winter 2018


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* Staake Gymnasium
* Monday + Thursday -> 8pm-11pm
* 1st game listed plays on the 1st court
* 1st team listed wears white
* late teams = 1 point penalty/minute
* arrive with clean & separate basketball sneakers
** bold indicates winning team


2018 5v5 Champions: Team Delt!



Week 1 - PreSeason Week

Thursday 2/8

Court 1:                                                                        Court 2:

8pm: Big Willy Boiz v. Undefeated                                  StepDads v. Babo Feminists 

9pm: Fall R3j3cts v. Miami Suburbs                                Delt v. Gang Gang

10pm: BasketBallers v. BCBball 


Week 2

Monday 2/12

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Big Willy Boiz NS v. Delt                                Gang Gang 64 v. Public Safety 37

9pm: Lulu Rides 54 v. Undefeated 69                    The StepDads 60 v. Miami Suburbs 32


Thursday 2/15

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: BCBball 50 v. Women's Tennis 61                         Free Agents 39 v. Babo Feminists 51

9pm: Fall R3j3cts v. Basket Ballers                                  



Week 3

Monday 2/19

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Public Safety v. Big Willy Boiz                      Women's Tennis 35 v. Fall R3j3cts 38

9pm: Undefeated NA v. Delt 75                            Babo Feminists 75 v. Lula Rides NA


Thursday 2/22

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: BCBball 25 v. The StepDads 57                            BasketBallers 32 v. Gang Gang 34

9pm: Miami Suburbs NA v. Free Agents 80                                    



Week 4

Monday 2/26

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Delt 71 v. Babo Feminists 37                        Free Agents NA v. BCBball 80

9pm: Big Willy Boiz NA v. Undefeated 80                         Lula Rides 80 v. Miami Suburbs NA



Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Gang Gang v. Women's Tennis                     Public Safety v. Basket Ballers

9pm: The StepDads v. Fall R3j3cts                        


Week 5

Monday 3/5

Court 1:                                                              Court 2:

8pm: Public Safety v. Delt                                       Basketballers v. Undefeated

9pm: BCBball v. The Step Dads                               Women's Tennis v. Babo Feminists                 

10pm: Free Agents v. Gang Gang                              Lulu Rides v. Fall Rejects




Thursday 3/8

Court 1:                                                                           Court 2:

8pm: Delt (1) 71 v. BasketBallers (8) 45                           Step Dads (2) 54 v. BCBball (7) 47

9pm: Babo Feminists (3) 40 v. Fall R3j3cts (6) 37            Gang Gang (4) 66 v. Undefeated (5) 71




Monday 3/12

8pm: Delt 64 v. Undefeated 62 OT

8pm: Step Dads 55 v. Babo Feminists 53

9pm: Delt v. Step Dads





TEAM MEMBERS: Each team should start with 7 players, with a
minimum of 5 is needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport. Substitutions happen from the team bench area.

SCORING: Scoring will be 1's and 2's. (One point for any regular basket, Two points for any three pointer) If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the ball goes in they will get 1 point for the basket and 1 point for the foul.

GAME: Jump ball start and alternating possessions. Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time with two halves of 20 minutes. Five minute half-time. Last two minutes...no running clock, 30 second shot clock.

TIME-OUTS: Each team is permitted one time-out per half.

OVERTIME (TIE GAME): A 2-minute intermission will be followed by
2-minute clock stoppage periods. Officials will do a OneCard flip to
determine first possession (this possession rotates with the need for
additional OT periods).

EQUIPMENT: Sneaker footwear is required. No exposed braces.

RULESM: Traditional NCAA Collegiate rules will be used...

SUBSTITUTIONS: Deadball whistles.

FOULS: Non-shooting fouls during the last two-minutes of the game will be one-on-one. Technical fouls will be called for unsportsmanlike behavior (two free throws & possession). Violent actions (i.e. very hard fouls, fighting, etc.) will result in a double-technical and ejection. Ejection from a contest means you sit out the next contest.

20 POINT LEAD: Defensive press is restricted to the half court line.

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.