Co-Ed Softball - Spring 2017

* MacDowell Field -> Upper Fields / turf
* Tuesday & Thursday -> 7pm-10pm
* weather related make-up games happen Wednesday & Friday
* arrive with your own glove
* must use IM bats & balls
* late team = one run penalty


Week 1

Tuesday 4/11

7pm: Team Enjoy (9) v Dougies Delinquents (27)

8pm: Wellesley High JV (4)  v. Rawdogs (19)               

9pm: Camaraderie (4) v. JT's (15)

Thursday 4/13     

7pm: Rawdogs (21) v. Pitches Be Trippin (4)          

8pm: Belmont Softball (0)  v. Jager Bombs (5)

9pm: Mini O's (8)  v. I Got Pitches All on my Bat (12)                          


Week 2

Tuesday 4/18                

7pm: Rawdogs (15) v. Dougies Delinquents (7)             

8pm: Chin Musicians (21) v.  Swimmers in the Outfield (4)                   

9pm: Camraderie (1) v. The Dirty Uncles (0)

Thursday 4/20               

7pm: Wellesley High JV (5) v. JT's (20)

8pm: Pitches Be Trippin (6)  v. Jager Bombs (15)

9pm: Belmont Softball (9) v. I Got Pitches all on My Bat (7)


Week 3

Thursday 4/27              

7pm: Rawdogs (3) v. JT's (6)

8pm: Wellesly High JV (3)  v. Belmont Softball (4)

9pm: Jager Bombs (20) v. Swimmers in the Outfield (3)    

Friday 4/28

6pm: Dirty Uncles (0) v. Team Enjoy (1)

640pm: Chin Musicians (7) v. Dougies Delinquents (13)

720pm: Mini O's (0) v. Kids Swag (1)



Tuesday 5/2

745pm: Dougies Delinquents (15) v. JT's (12)

845pm: Rawdogs (7) v. Jager Bombs (6)

Thursday 5/4

8pm: Rawdogs (13) v. Dougies Delinquents (8)



* A game lasts approximately one hour (equal times at bat required).
* No new inning will start after 50 minutes of play.
* Extra innings…the batter last at the plate during the pervious inning starts at second.
* A fielded team consists of 8-9 players…2 of which must be of the opposite sex.
* An inning ends when the team batting tabulates three outs or nine bats.
* The batting order does not change & starts each inning where it left off.
* No jewelry & play is stopped once the umpire calls time.
* Each team will be allowed one defensive change per inning.
* Infielders must start behind the base line.

* Bunting is not permitted.
* A two strike foul constitutes an out.
* All players at the game shall remain in the batting order.

* Batting team supplies its own pitcher.
* Hit ball contacts the pitcher...the batter is out.
* Pitching rubber positioned at the midpoint between 1st & 3rd.
* Pivot foot must be in contact with the pitching rubber at release.

* A runner can only advance on a ball hit fare.
* Via injury, the umpire may permit the last batter out to pinch run (female/female).
* You may only run on contact...anyone leading off will automatically be called out.
* Sliding is permitted.
* A runner must make every attempt to avoid contact with the defensive player.

* Thrown bat/helmet/glove in a manner adjudged by the umpire to be a display of temper.
* Using profane language.
* Unnecessary roughness at any base or on the base paths.
* Intentionally pushing or placing hands on an umpire in an aggressive manner.
* Intentionally hitting an opposing player with hands or any piece of equipment.
* Harassment of opposing players by anyone in attendance.

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.