Co-Ed Ultimate - Fall 2017

* Wednesday night
* MacDowell Field
* first team listed wears white
* late team ->  1 point penalty


Congrats to our Champs, Babo Feminists!!!


1 Babo Feminists 1-0
2 Jersey Tomatoes 1-0
3 Team Ice Cream Lovers 0-0
4 Fresh Water 0-1
5 Late to the Party 0-1


Week 1
Wednesday 9/20

Time Team 1 vs Team 2  
7:00pm Fresh Water vs Babo Feminists 3-0
7:00pm Jersey Tomatoes vs Late To the Party 3-0
BYE WEEK Team Ice Cream Lovers


Week 2
Wednesday 9/27

7:00pm Jersey Tomatoes vs Babo Feminists 16-7
BYE WEEK Late to the Party


Week 3
Wednesday 10/4

7pm Late to the Party  vs Jersey Tomatoes  -
BYE WEEK Babo Feminists


Week 4
Wednesday 10/11

7pm Babo Feminists vs Late to the Party  5-0
BYE WEEK Jersey Tomatoes

Week 5
Wednesday 10/18

8pm Jersey Tomatoes vs Babo Feminists  0-5
BYE WEEK Late to the Party


Wednesday 11/1

7pm Jersey Tomatoes vs Babo Feminists  0-6



Babo Feminists
Jack Reagan
Nick Lorello
Gerald Smith
Sean Rezendes
Jordan Davis
Donnie Davis
Kathy Mitchell
Lizzy Bear
Matt Chiasson
Chris Lally

Fresh Water
Taras Polakoff
Lachlan Dibbayawan
Kevin Luu
Connor O'Brien
Nick Gutierrez
Petros Efstratoudakis
Julia Ferrara
Kaden Shover
Celine Nie
Jordan Mailly

Jersey Tomatoes (Individual Add Ons)
Raymond Zhang
Andrea Junco
Nick Bourdon
Anvesh Venigalla
Logan Hitchcock
Srikanth Katikala
Ankush Kumar Bagrecha
Hisham Beydoun

Late to the Party
Daniel Ben-Avner
Adam Goodman
Sam Doliner
Jacob Kerzner
Christian Quijano
Zach Maltz
Sterling Garcia
Julian Brandmaier
Kevin Teeter
Shoaib Rahaman

Team Ice Cream Lovers
Maggie McCabe
Cate Diamond
Kerry Dunn
Alicia Calcagni
Maya King
Carla DiBiase
Kate Driscoll



Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time (two halves of 20minutes).
Half-time shall be 2 minutes. The first 6v6 team ready to play
(6 players present) will receive the referee choice at start.
1. A goal is worth 1 point.
2. Subs are allowed after a goal and before the throw off.
3. Each time a goal is scored, the teams switch the direction of theirattack and the team which scored throws off.
4. An incomplete, intercepted, knocked down, or out of bounds passresults in a loss of possession.
5. The thrower must establish a pivot foot and may not change thatpivot foot until the throw is released except in the case where the
thrower has just received a pass and is throwing before the thirdground contact.
6. Only one defensive player may guard the thrower at any one time; that player is the marker.
7. The thrower has the right to pivot in any direction. However, once the marker has established a legal defense position, the thrower may not pivot into the marker.
8. The marker may not straddle the pivot foot of the thrower.
9. Must be at least one disc diameter between the upper bodies of the thrower and marker.
10. Bobbling to gain control is permitted as long as not on purpose. If you tip the disc to yourself that will be considered traveling, whichis not allowed.
11. Fouls can be called as the result of physical play.
12. No defensive player may touch the disc while it is in the hands of the thrower.
13. One field player must be of the opposite sex.
14. OT: 1-minute break...coin toss for possession...first goal wins

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.

* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.