Co-Ed Volleyball - Spring 2017


* Staake Gym -> Webster Center
* Wednesday -> 7pm-10pm
* arrive with clean & separate sneakers
* late team = 1 point penalty per minute


Week 1

Wednesday 4/5

7pm: Chi O (0) v. Dirty Pete and the Boys (2)

745pm: Ole FC (2) v. Dirty Uncles (0)

8:30pm: Porca Puttana (1) v. Safe Sets (2)

9:15pm: Spikaholics (1) v. All About That Ace (2)


Week 2

Wednesday 4/12

7pm: Chi O (2) v. Dirty Uncles (1)

745pm: Ole FC (0) v. Dirty Pete and the Boys (2)

8:30pm: Porca Puttana (2) v. Spikaholics (0)

9:15pm: Safe Sets (0) v. All About That Ace (2)


Week 3

Wednesday 4/19

7pm: Chi O (0) v. Safe Sets (2)

745pm: Spikaholics (1) v. Dirty Pete and the Boys (2)

8:30pm: Porca Puttana (2) v. Ole FC (1)

9:15pm: Dirty Uncles (0) v. All About that Ace (2)


Week 4

Wednesday 4/26

7pm: Dirty Uncles (2) v. Spikaholics (0)

745pm: Safe Sets (0) v. Dirty Pete and the Boys (2)

8:30pm: Porca Puttana (1) v. All About that Ace (2)

9:15pm: Chi O (0) v. Ole FC (2)



Wednesday 5/3

7pm: All About that Ace (2) v. Porca Puttana (0)

745pm: Dirty Pete and the Boys (2) v. Safe Sets (0)

830pm: All About that Ace (0) v. Dirty Pete and the Boys (2)



Each team should start the game with 6 players, with a minimum of 4 needed to avoid a forfeit. Two members of the opposite sex must be on the court at all times. Each team may have two varsity volleyball players on their roster. A player may play on only one team per sport.

* winner of the OneCard flip will get choice...serve or side
* rally-scoring (every serve is a point) to 21 points
* rotate after each game...loser gets first serve
* first team to 2 games wins
* net height = men's intercollegiate (7' 11 5/8")
* one 1-minute time-out per team
* non-marking sneakers & no jewelry/watches

* a service ball hitting the net = possession change
* serves may note blocked
* after one player serves 5 times in a row - rotate
* upon winning the serve - rotate
* safe/controlled kicks are permitted
* the ball must pass over the net on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd volley
* the net may not be intentionally touched during play
* no part of the foot on or above the centerline
* antennas, ceiling areas & walls are "out-of-play"
* same team hits off ceiling areas are permitted
* free substitutions = same spot or same person
* all other NCAA volleyball rules apply

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated