Flag Football - Spring 2018


* MacDowell Field -> Upper Fields / turf
* Monday -> 7pm-10pm
* weather related make-up games happen Sunday
* arrive with separate & clean footwear
* 1st game listed plays on field nearest Webster
* 1st team listed wears white
* late team = 1 point penalty


Week 1

Monday 4/9

7pm: Titans 3 vs Annex 19             

8pm: Delt 18 v. Kosher Kadets 20



Week 2

Monday 4/16

Field 1:                                                           

7pm: Big Ballers v. Titans - RAINOUT

8pm: Annex v. Kosher Kadets - RAINOUT           



Week 3

Monday 4/23

7pmKosher Kadets 20 v. Big Ballers 0              

8pm: Annex 19 v. Delt 27




Monday 4/30

630pm: Kosher Kadets v. Titans

730pm: Annex v. Delt

Thursday 5/3

645pm: Annex v. Kosher Kadets



NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 7 field players (7 vs. 7) per team. Each team should start with 9 players, a minimum of 7 is needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.

LENGTH OF GAME: Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time (two halves of 20 minutes). When the lead is less then 17 points, deadball stopage at 5 minutes. The first team ready to play (7 players present) will receive the referee choice at the beginning of the game (first-half OR second-half possession at the 10 yard line). With overtime, there will be a 2-minute intermission prior to starting...first score wins.

TIME-OUTS: Each team gets one 1-minute time-out per half.

OVERTIME: If the game score is tied after regulation time, the officials will do a coin toss to determine first possession. The team that has more points after equal possessions will be declared the winner. OT possessions start twenty yards from a TD.

* sneakers & provided flag belt/ball
* no jeans, watches, jewelry, spikes or exposed braces

LINE OF SCRIMMAGE: Once the center has placed his hands on the ball no player, offensive or defensive, may enter the neutral zone (football spot). The offense must have no less than 3 players on the line of scrimmage. 5 yard penalty for offsides & lining-up in the neutral zone.

* snapper & player to the immediate left and right
* must start within one yard of the line of scrimmage
* are ineligible receivers...but may catch a pass tipped by the defense
* may receive a hand-off or lateral
* may travel one yard foward...and more once a pass has been completed

BACKWARD PASSES AND FUMBLES: Backward pass which goes out-of-bounds belongs to the offensive team at the out-of-bounds spot. The ball is dead at the spot of a fumble. Exception: QB may pick-up a fumbled snap within 3 seconds.

FORWARD PASSES AND INTERCEPTIONS: If a player is in the air attempting to catch a ball, the player must contact the ground in-bounds with the ball in their possession prior to going out of bounds, unless contact by an opponent causes the player to first touch out-of-bounds. If possession of the ball is lost simultaneously when they hit the ground, it is not a catch. If a forward pass is caught by a member of opposing team, the ball is dead and it is a change of possession. All possessions start at the 10 yard line.

PASS INTERFERENCE: It is interference if an eligible receiver is deflagged or touched prior to touching the ball on a pass thrown beyond the offense's line of scrimmage. If the pass interference by the defense is intentional and/or unsportsmanlike, the defense may be penalized 10 more yards.

SCORING: Touchdowns equal 6 points...extra points equals 1 point from 5 yard line & 2 points from 10 yard line. Once a team has made their choice on the extra point...decision can only be changed with a TO.

FIRST DOWNS: A first down is award after moving the ball ten yards (in four downs) from the original line of scrimmage (no punts). Turnover on downs...possession starts at the 10 yard line.

SAFETY: If a player carries the ball across the goal line they are defending and the ball becomes dead while in their team's possession, it is a safety and the opposing team will be awarded 2 points. A foul in the end zone where the spot of enforcement is designated as the spot of the foul...is a safety.

EXCEPTION: When a player intercepts a forward pass between their five-yard line and their goal line & their momentum carries them into the end zone where the ball becomes dead, the ball will belong to the receiving team at the 10 yard line. 

PERSONAL FOULS: Any act listed below or any other act of unnecessary roughness is a personal foul (10 yard penalty): down field blocking, picks, screen blocks, stiff-arming, punch/strike/strip/steal or attempt to steal the ball, trip or clip, contact once on the ground, thrown runner to the ground, hurdling players, contact before or after declared dead ball, unnecessary contact with fists, locked hands, elbows, legs, deliberately driving/running into, position themselves on shoulders, tackle the runner by arm/hand grasping or encircling & ball stripping. 

OBSTRUCTING THE RUNNER: A defensive player shall not hold, grasp, or obstruct the forward progress of the runner when attempting to remove the flag belt...Personal Foul Penalty.

THE FLAG BELT: All shirts must be tucked in, shirts are not permitted to hang over the flag belt. Should a player loose their flag belt legally or illegally during a down and should that player gain possession of a live ball, that player will be considered down when a legal tag (with one hand between the shoulders and knees, including the hand and arm) is made. If the belt has been illegally secured (follow referee instructions) any score on the previous play will be disallowed, the player ejected and a 10 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty will be administered from the previous spot.

GUARDING THE FLAG BELT: Runners shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt. Flag guarding (10 yard penalty) shall include such things as: Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent deflagging. Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent deflagging. Lowering the shoulder or using hands/arms to prevent deflagging.

FLAG BELT REMOVAL: Players must have possession of the ball before they can legally be deflagged. When a runner loses their flag belt  either accidentally, inadvertently, or on purpose, play continues.  The deflagging reverts to a one hand tag of the runner between the shoulders and the knees. In cases where a flag belt is removed illegally, play should continue with the option of the penalty of the play (Penalty : Personal Foul, 10 yards). It is illegal for a defensive player to intentionally pull a flag belt from an offensive player who is not in possession of the ball. Tampering with the flag belt in any way to gain an advantage is considered unsportsmanlike. An Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty will be issued and the player will be disqualified. A referee's whistle may conclude a play at the time they conclude that a belt is deemed to difficult to remove.

FIELD SIZE: 60 yards long, 35 yards wide, 5 yard endzones

Protect yourself against turf injuries:
* wear sneakers or turf shoes -> no plastic/metal spikes
* wear long sleeves
* wear sweatpants

A player will be disqualified for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.