Intramurals at Babson

MISSION we are committed to providing quality programs, services, facilities and equipment to enrich the collegiate learning experience and to foster a lifetime appreciation of and involvement in wellness and recreational sports and activities.  VISION we will be a vital component of the Babson College experience. 
VALUES we will stress the following user areas: Satisfaction, Development, Awareness, Diversity, Innovation, Sportsmanship, and Teamwork.

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EVENT links

* Corn Hole Tournament -> Saturday, October 25
      9 teams, 22 participants & 17 games
      1st: Blonde Ambition of Madi Dinaso+Catherine Pitts ($50 Dunn Gaherin’s)
      2nd: Corned Beef Hash of Dillon Gonzalez+Nick Ahearn ($20 Chipotle)
      3rd: Salty Fries of Chris Sirios+Keegan Silk ($20 Dunkin Donuts)
* Broomball Night -> Sunday, November 16
      5 teams, 46 participants & 9 games
      1st: Field Hockey (IM T-shirts), 2nd: Hump Day, 3rd: Warlocks

* Basketball Skills Showcase -> Tuesday, March 31
      Hot Shot / 11 participants & 2 rounds
        1st: Sean McClung ($10 Dunkin Donuts, IM T-shirt), 2nd: Joe Euele, 3rd: Patrick Aloisio
      Three Point Contest / 9 participants & 2 rounds
        1st: Rob Caggiano ($10 Dunkin Donuts, IM T-shirt), 2nd: Joe Euele, 3rd: Sean McClung
      Free Throw Contest / 10 participants & 2 rounds
        1st: Joe Euele ($10 Dunkin Donuts, IM T-shirt), 2nd: Andrew Lepine, 3rd: Henry Medine
* Homerun Derby -> Tuesday, April 21
      8 participants & 3 rounds
      1st: Bennett Deady: Final Round 4 of 5 / Total: 14 ($10 Dunkin Donuts, IM T-shirt)     
      2nd: Justin Rams: Final round 3 of 5 / Total: 11 ($10 Dunkin Donuts, IM T-shirt)
      3rd: Dan Shaffer: Final round 2 of 5 / Total: 10 (IM T-shirt)

LEAGUE links


Winter Spring
Fall Sign-Up Open PDF Winter Sign-Up Open PDF Spring Sign-Up Open PDF
* 3v3 Basketball * 5v5 Basketball Wiffleball 
* Co-Ed Ultimate * Co-Ed Dodgeball * Co-Ed Softball
* Wiffleball * Co-Ed Volleyball * Flag Football
* Fall Tennis * Indoor Soccer * Ping Pong
* Outdoor Soccer * Winter Squash * Spring Tennis
Fall Squash  Winter Racquetball  Indoor Soccer















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