Indoor Soccer - Winter 2018


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2018 Champions - Fetty_Oct!!!




* 1/2 PepsiCo Pavillion
* Tuesday + Thursday -> 8pm-10pm
* first team listed wears white
* late teams = 1 goal penalty


Bold Indicates Winning Team


Week 1 - Preseason Week

Tuesday 2/6:

Court 1:                                                

8pm:  Simon's Salmons v. Fetty_oct           

9pm:  Boca Juniors vs Tiki Taka                       

10pm: Joga Bonito vs PSUV FC


Thursday 2/8:

Court 1:                                                 Court 2:

8pm: Esketit FC vs FatDaddies                 8pm: Team Kent Taylor vs Olin

9pm: The Habibis vs Olin Girls                

10pm: Juju FC vs F.C. Gaza 


Week 2

Tuesday 2/13:

Court 1:                                                  Court 2:

8pm:  Latinos 10 v. FC Gaza NS              8pm: Juju FC NS v. PSUV FC NS

9pm: AE FC NS v. Fat Daddies 10           9pm: Olin 3 v. Simon's Salmons 0

10pm: Tiki Taka 3 v. Wellesley FC 2        10pm: Joga Bonito 9 v. Babson MBA 2nd Years 6


Thursday 2/15:

Court 1:                                                       Court 2:

8pm:  Delt FC NA v. FC Bijou 7                      8pm: The Habibis 4 v. Fetty_Oct 5

9pm: Tea Kent Taylor NA v. Olin Girls 7         9pm: MCBC 2.0 7 v. Boca Juniors 4

10pm: Esketit FC 3 v. Shaolin Soccer 6        10pm: Flames FC NA v. The Habibis 7



Week 3

Tuesday 2/20:

Court 1:                                                        Court 2:

8pm:  Team Kent Taylor NA v. Olin 7               8pm: Shaolin Soccer 7 v. Babson MBA 2nd Years NA

9pm: Joga Bonito 7 v. PSUV FC 7 NA                 9pm: Simon's Salmons 14 v. Esketit FC 0

10pm: Flames FC 0 v. Fetty_oct 12                 10pm: Esketit FC NA v. Latinos 7


Thursday 2/22:

Court 1:                                                        Court 2:

8pm:  Wellesley FC v. AE FC                            8pm: MCBC 2.0 13 v. Olin Girls 4

9pm: The Habibis 4 v. Shaolin Soccer 6          9pm: Fat Daddies 7 v. Delt FC NA

10pm: Boca Juniors 7 v. Tiki Taka 3                10pm: Juju FC NA v. FC Gaza 7



Week 4

Tuesday 2/27:

NO GAMES... Career Services Event in PepsiCo


Thursday 3/1:

Court 1:                                                                 Court 2:

8pm:  Olin Girls 1 v. Flames FC 10                          8pm: Boca Juniors v. Team Kent Taylor

9pm: Babson MBA 2nd Years 10 v. Delt FC NA       9pm: FC Bijou 10 v. Juju FC NA

10pm: PSUV FC NA v. MCBC 2.0 10                          10pm: The Habibis 10 v. Babson Juju FC NA



Week 5

Tuesday 3/6:

Court 1:                                                           Court 2:

8pm:  Shaolin Soccer 4 v. Fetty_oct 11             8pm: AE FC 0 v. Esketit FC 3

9pm: FC Gaza 2 v. Joga Bonito 16                    9pm: Fat Daddies v. Olin 6

10pm: Latinos 3 v. Wellesley FC 0                     10pm: Simon's Salmons 2 v. Tiki Taka 3




Quarter-Finals Thursday 3/8:

Court 1:                                                                               Court 2:

8pm (Game 1):  Fetty_oct (1) 9 v. The Habibis (8)               8pm (Game 2): Joga Bonito (2) DQ v. Tiki Taka (7) DQ

9pm (Game 3): Olin (3) 7 v. Shaolin Soccer (6) 5                  9pm (Game 4): Latinos (4) 1 v. MCBC 2.0 (5) 0


SemiFinals & CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday 4/3:

9:30pm: Fetty_oct v. Latinos

9:30pm: TBA v. Team Olin


CHAMPIONSHIP: Thursday 4/5

7:30pm: Fetty_oct 14 v. Team Olin 3


NUMBER OF PLAYERS: For 6v6 play...each team should start the game with 8 players. A minimum of 5 (4 field players & 1 goalie) is needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.

LENGTH OF GAME: Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time
(two halves of 20 minutes). Half-time shall be 5 minutes. The first team ready to play (6 players present) will receive the referee choice at the beginning of the game. With overtime, there will be a 2-minute intermission prior to starting.


CLOCK STOPAGE: With the game within three goals, clock stops with
a goal in the last 5 minutes of regulation.

OVERTIME (TIE GAME): If the game score is tied after regulation time, the officials will do a OneCard flip to determine referee choice.
The team that scores first wins.

EQUIPMENT: Indoor soccer/sneaker footwear is required. No exposed braces. Shin guards are highly recommended.


OFFSIDE: There is not an offside penalty in intramural games.

MID-FIELD STRIPE: A direct shot goal is only permitted on a team's
offensive end.

GOALKEEPERS: The goalie shall not gain advantage by traveling more than four steps while holding the ball. If a goal keeper's teammate intentionally plays the ball back (to the goalie) with their foot, the goal keeper may not play the ball with their hands: the penalty... direct kick from where the goalie retrieves the ball. No kicks or throws past mid-field: the penalty...opponent direct kick from mid-field stripe.

DIRECT KICKS (5 yards)...slide tackles, kicks, trips, excessive force, jumping into, charging from behind, hand ball, not playing the ball, obstruction, keeper charge, goalie kick-back hands, etc.

PENALTY KICKS: A penalty kick (10 yards from goal) will be awarded when a defender performs a Direct Kick penalty within the designated goalie box.

YELLOW CARD = misconduct
[two yellow cards equal a red card]
* seven players, persistent infringement, dissent towards
intramural staff; unsportsmanlike conduct

RED CARD = automatic ejection
[team plays one short; ejected player must leave gym and sit one game]
* violent act, abusive language, repeated misconduct after caution,
hand use to save a goal, etc.

CARD PROCEDURE: clock stopped, official will card, supervisor will log name; opponents direct kick possession

PEPSICO RULES: under the curtain = indirect kick (5 yards)

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.