Outdoor Soccer - Fall 2017

* Tuesday & Thursday
* MacDowell Field
* first team listed wears white
* late team -> 1 goal penalty

2017 Outdoor Soccer Champions: Joga Bonito!



Place Team Name Record No Shows Points
1 Flames FC      
2 ABCDE FC      
3 Pitch Please      
4 FC Tau      
5 Sonny's Coming      
6 Fetty Oct      
7 Alucina FC      
8 Hijos de Bolivar      
9 Bijou FC      
10 MCBC FC      
11 Joga Bonito      
12 Asian Nation Revelation      
13 Sea Snake      
14 Fatter Daddies      
15 KAM FC      
16 Individual Sign Ups      





Week 1
Tuesday 9/18
Thursday 9/20

Tues 8pm MCBC FC vs Joga Bonito  
Tues 8pm Fetty Oct vs Pitch Please  
Tues 9pm FC Tau vs Individual Sign Ups  
Tues 9pm Bijou FC vs Hijos de Bolivar  
Thurs 7pm Sea Snake vs Asian Nation Revelation  
Thurs 7pm Alucina FC vs Fatter Daddies  
Thurs 8pm ABCDE FC vs Flames FC  
Thurs 8pm KAM FC vs Sonny's Coming  

Week 2

Tuesday 9/25
Thursday 9/27

Tues 8pm  Asian Nation Revelation vs  Fetty Oct  
Tues 8pm Flames FC vs KAM FC  
Tues 9pm Fatter Daddies vs Individual Sign Ups  
Tues 9pm Hijos de Bolivar vs FC Tau  
Thurs 7pm Sonny's Coming vs Alucina FC  
Thurs 7pm ABCDE FC vs MCBC FC  
Thurs 8pm Joga Bonito vs Sea Snake  
Thurs 8pm Pitch Please vs Bijou FC  

Week 3
Tuesday 10/2
Thursday 10/4

Tues 8pm  Alucina FC vs Flames FC  
Tues 8pm Sea Snake vs ABCDE FC  
Tues 9pm Fetty Oct vs Joga Bonito  
Tues 9pm Hijos de Bolivar vs Pitch Please  
Thurs 7pm MCBC FC vs KAM FC  
Thurs 7pm Individual Sign Ups vs Sonny's Coming  
Thurs 8pm Bijou FC vs Asian Nation Revelation  
Thurs 8pm FC Tau vs Fatter Daddies  

Week 4
Tuesday 10/9
Thursday 10/11

Tues 8pm ABCDE FC vs Fetty Oct  
Tues 8pm Alucina FC vs MCBC FC  
Tues 9pm KAM FC vs Sea Snake  
Thurs 7pm Flames FC vs Individual FC  
Thurs 7pm Sonny's Coming vs Fatter Daddies  
Thurs 7pm Asian Nation Revelation vs Hijos de Bolivar  
Thurs 8pm Joga Bonito vs Bijou FC  
Thurs 8pm Pitch Please vs FC Tau  


Week 5
Tuesday 10/16
Wednesday 10/18

Tues 8pm  Bijou FC vs ABCDE FC  
Tues 8pm Fatter Daddies vs Flames FC  
Tues 9pm Hijos de Bolivar vs Joga Bonito  
Tues 9pm FC Tau vs Sonny's Coming  
Thurs 7pm MCBC FC vs Individual Sign Ups  
Thurs 7pm Fetty Oct vs KAM FC  
Thurs 8pm Sea Snake vs Alucina FC  
Thurs 8pm Pitch Please vs Asian Nation Revelation  

Week 6
Tuesday 10/23
Thursday 10/25

Tues 8pm  Joga Bonito vs Pitch Please  
Tues 8pm Individual Sign Ups vs Sea Snake  
Tues 9pm ABCDE FC vs Hijos de Bolivar  
Tues 9pm Flames FC vs Sonny's Coming  
Thurs 7pm Fatter Daddies vs MCBC FC  
Thurs 7pm Alucina FC vs Fetty Oct  
Thurs 8pm Asian Nation Revelation vs FC Tau  
Thurs 8pm KAM FC vs Bijou FC  


Week 7
Tuesday 10/30
Thursday 11/1

Tues 8pm  Sea Snake vs Fatter Daddies  
Tues 8pm Bijou FC vs Alucina FC  
Tues 9pm FC Tau vs Flames FC  
Tues 9pm Pitch Please vs ABCDE FC  
Thurs 7pm MCBC FC vs Sonny's Coming  
Thurs 7pm Fetty Oct vs Individual Sign Ups  
Thurs 8pm Hijos de Bolivar vs  KAM FC  
Thurs 8pm Asian Nation Revelation vs Joga Bonito  


Tuesday 11/6

Tues 8pm Game 1...   vs    
Tues 8pm Game 2...   vs    
Tues 9pm Game 3...   vs    
Tues 9pm Game 4...   vs    


Thursday 11/8

Thurs 8pm Semi-Final   vs    
Mon 9pm Semi-Final   vs    


Tuesday 11/13

Tues 9pm CHAMPIONSHIP   vs    








Flames FC
Dylan Goren
Jacob Van Den Huevel
Jillian Eckard
Kenzi Fukuda
Liam McCafferty
Mitch Kubik
Nick Guttierez

Tunji Williams
Geraldi Pranata
Greg Clancy
Nick Widjaja
Alex Shafir
Henri Herman
Ben Stegeman

Pitch Please
Alejandro Cohen
Jony Bensadon
Cesar Lanuza
Vicente Sanchez
Niek Kirchner
Jesus Infante
Fer Pajares

FC Tau
Shaan Mahtani
Billy Caso
Tunji Williams
Talal Hussain
Roberto Sallinas
Ryan Beaton
Masaki Kondo

Sonny's Coming
Jason Dongho Lee
Arthur Hwang
TY Kim
Ames Mullendore
Jonghyun Park
Joshua Hong

Fetty Oct
Stephen Stabile
Raphael Dunand
Octavian Frisenda
Alex Rabell
Warren Cross
Sampei Omichi

Alucina FC
Laia Huguet
Lucas Caraballo
Gioia de la Feld
Adrian Pinto Panizo
Alejandro Gonzalez Rubio
Ana Lamoso
Andres Borgonovo
Daniel Assor
Emilio Montemayor
Isidoro Katz
Jonathan Katz
Paula Chaves
Sofia Ortiz Mena
Victoria Roca
Yael Levy

Hijos de Bolivar
Luis Sotillo
Carlo Morini
Manuel Fernandez
Roberto Bazzi
Andres Ricketts

Bijou FC
Niall Dillon
Brendan Duffy
Brendan Lugossy
John Leonard
Henry Cobb
Patrick O'Rourke
Luc Linemayer
Reed Goldstein
Will Messner
Jack Tague
Stephen Cadorette
Pete Dunay

Aayush Kedia
Raj Mehta
Rishi Mehta
Aman Parikh
Aaryan Arora
Dhruv Mukhija

Joga Bonito
Leonardo Kim
Benjamin Schwartzman
Ernie Vallardes
Alexandre Aragao
Mario Kotherja
Henri Hara

Asian Nation Revelation
Gautam Nanda
Henry Sykes
Harry Jones
Brandon Hoang
Boris Chertok
Roger Lin

Sea Snake
Youssef Silwanis
Luke Linemayr
Yomtov Bejar
Mehdi Smires
Laszlo Gut
Prithvi Iyer
Ata Deniz

Fatter Daddies
Stan Tan
Waseem Shabout
Abhay Gohel
Gabriel Ficht
Amani Mehta


Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya FC
Pakapol Sereeyothin
Thirith Chansiri
Derek Goguen
David Wong
Steven Orellana
Chatchapol Poolvoralaks
Pitipon Watcharawasutara
Sampei Omichi
Chadhip Hero Pathomsak


Indicidual Sign Ups
Ryan Combes
Ayussh Ahuja
Eoghan Neely
Qilin Yang
Zhehe Hu
Thomas McKenna
Roger Lin




Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time (two halves of 20 minutes). Half-time shall be 5 minutes. The first team ready to play
(6 players present) will receive the referee choice at the beginning of the game. Clock will stop after 30 seconds of ball/injury problems.

PLAYERS: 6 vs. 6 teams should start games with 8 players. A minimum of 5 (1 goalie & 4 field players) is needed to avoid a
forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.

TIME-OUTS: Each team is permitted one time-out per half.

OT: 1-minute break...coin toss for possession... first goal wins (PK's after 5 minutes)

PK's: OT goalie can not change...best of 5...then 1 vs. 1

EQUIPMENT: Sneakers or indoor soccer shoes. No exposed braces. Shin guards are highly recommended.


OFFSIDES: There is not an offsides penalty in intramural games.

MID-FIELD STRIPE: A direct shot goal is only permitted on a team's offensive end.

GOALKEEPERS: The goalie shall not gain advantage by travelling more than four steps while holding the ball. If a goal keeper's teammate intentionally plays the ball back (to the goalie) with their foot, the goal keeper may not play the ball with their hands: penalty...direct kick from where the goalie retrieves the ball. Punts and drop-punts are not allowed (throw or drop & play).

DIRECT KICKS (5 yards)...slide tackles, kicks, trips, excessive force, jumping into, charging from behind, hand ball, not playing the ball, obstruction,
keeper charge, goalie kick-back hands, etc.

YELLOW CARD = misconduct [two yellow cards equal a red card]
* seven players, persistent infringement, dissent towards ref,
unsportsmanlike conduct

RED CARD = automatic ejection [team plays one short; ejected player must leave area and sit out the next contest] * violent act, abusive language, repeated misconduct after caution, utilizing the hands to save a goal

CARD PROCEDURE: Clock stopped & official will card. Supervisor will log name. Opponents direct kick & possession

* All players assume their own risk with IM participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.