Outdoor Soccer - Fall 2017

* Tuesday & Thursday
* MacDowell Field
* first team listed wears white
* late team -> 1 goal penalty

2017 Outdoor Soccer Champions: Joga Bonito!



Place Team Name Record No Shows Points
1 PSU VC 5-2   10
2 Tiki Taka 5-0   10
3 Sherif FC 4-0   8
4 Team Bapsim 4-3   8
5 Latinos 4-3   8
6 Joga Bonito 4-1 1 7
7 MCBC 3-3   6
8 Flames FC 2-4   4
9 Boca Juniors 2-1 1 3
10 Bijou 2-3 1 3
11 The Step Dads II 1-1   2
12 Biso FC 1-4  1 1
13 Rookies 0-3   0
14 Karma 0-3 1 -1
15 Real Babson 0-2 2 -2
16 Anantveer DQ DQ DQ




"Preseason Week"
Tuesday 9/12
Thursday 9/14

Tues 7pm Rookies vs PSUV FC Preseason
Tues 7pm Sherif FC vs The Step Dads II Preseason
Tues 8pm Joga Bonito vs Flames FC Preseason
Tues 8pm Team Bapsim vs Bijou FC Preseason
Thurs 7pm Latinos vs Biso FC Preseason
Thurs 7pm Karma vs Anantveer Preseason


Week 1
Tuesday 9/19 - RAINOUT
Thursday 9/21

Tues 8pm Rookies vs Sherif FC Rainout
Tues 8pm The Step Dads II vs Karma Rainout
Tues 9pm Boca Juniors vs Tiki Taka Rainout
Tues 9pm Anantveer vs Real Babson Rainout
Thurs 7pm Latinos vs Biso FC 3-0
Thurs 7pm MCBC vs PSU VC 4-1
Thurs 8pm Flames FC vs Team Bapsim 5-1
Thurs 8pm Bijou FC vs Joga Bonito 0-0

Week 2

Tuesday 9/26
Thursday 9/28

Tues 8pm Joga Bonito vs Rookies  5-1
Tues 8pm Latinos vs The Step Dads II  1-7
Tues 9pm Boca Juniors vs Real Babson  1-0
Tues 9pm Anantveer vs Tiki Taka  0-3
Thurs 7pm Team Bapsim vs Bijou FC  4-2
Thurs 7pm MCBC vs Biso FC  1-2
Thurs 8pm Karma vs Sherif FC  0-5
Thurs 8pm Flames FC vs PSU VC  2-1

Week 3
Tuesday 10/3
Thursday 10/5

Tues 8pm Sherif FC vs Bijou FC  4-3
Tues 8pm PSU VC vs The Step Dads II  6-3
Tues 9pm Boca Juniors vs Rookies  2-0
Tues 9pm Tiki Taka vs Real Babson  6-0
Thurs 7pm Joga Bonito vs Flames FC  3-2
Thurs 7pm Team Bapsim vs Karma  3-0
Thurs 8pm Latinos vs Biso FC  3-0
Thurs 8pm MCBC vs TBA  4-1

Week 4
Tuesday 10/10
Thursday 10/12

Tues 8pm Joga Bonito vs MCBC  0-6
Tues 8pm TBA vs Sherif FC  0-6
Tues 9pm The Step Dads II vs Tiki Taka  
Thurs 7pm Boca Juniors vs PSU VC  0-3
Thurs 7pm Karma vs Bijou FC  
Thurs 7pm Rookies vs Latinos  Latinos win
Thurs 8pm Team Bapsim vs Biso FC  0-5
Thurs 8pm Flames FC vs Real Babson  


Week 5
Tuesday 10/17
Wednesday 10/19

Tues 8pm Biso FC vs Latinos  0-6
Tues 8pm Joga Bonito vs MCBC  4-0
Tues 9pm Boca Juniors vs Real Babson  Absent
Tues 9pm TBA vs Tiki Taka  2-5
Thurs 7pm Rookies vs Sherif FC  0-5
Thurs 7pm The Step Dads II vs Bijou FC  0-3
Thurs 8pm Team Bapsim vs Flames FC  1-0
Thurs 8pm PSU VC vs Karma  6-0

Week 6
Tuesday 10/24
Thursday 10/26

Tues 8pm PSU VC vs Team Bapsim  4-2
Tues 8pm Tiki Taka vs Latinos  3-2
Tues 9pm Rookies vs Biso FC  
Tues 9pm TBA vs Flames FC  4-2
Thurs 7pm Joga Bonito vs MCBC Rainout 
Thurs 7pm Real Babson vs Karma Rainout 
Thurs 8pm The Step Dads II vs Sherif FC Rainout 
Thurs 8pm Bijou FC vs Boca Juniors Rainout


Week 7
Tuesday 10/31
Thursday 11/2

Tues 8pm Joga Bonito vs Latinos  7-1
Tues 8pm Bijou FC vs PSU VC  2-1
Tues 9pm Boca Juniors vs Tiki Taka
Tues 9pm Sherif FC vs Real Babson
Thurs 7pm Flames FC vs Team Bapsim  3-2
Thurs 7pm Biso FC vs MCBC  5-0
Thurs 8pm Rookies vs TBA  5-0
Thurs 8pm The Step Dads II vs Karma


Tuesday 11/7

Tues 8pm Game 1... PSU VC vs Flames FC  
Tues 8pm Game 2... Team Bapsim vs Latinos  
Tues 9pm Game 3... Sherif FC vs Joga Bonito  
Tues 9pm Game 4... Tiki Taka vs MCBC  


Thursday 11/9

Thurs 8pm Semi-Final PSU VC vs Latinos 3-0
Mon 9pm Semi-Final Tiki Taka vs Joga Bonito 3-0


Tuesday 11/14

Tues 9pm CHAMPIONSHIP PSU VC vs Joga Bonito 0-1








Ximena Ulloa
Andrea Zapata
Gabriella Henriquez
Isabella Scionti
Vivi Faraj
Isabella Poleo

Benjamin Sanchez
Luis Sotillo
Carlo Morini
Roberto Bazzi
Manuel Fernandez
Esteban Sapetnitsky

Sherif FC
Laszlo Gut
Sherif Bichara
Rasih Ramazanoglu
Charles Zamor
Pritvhi Lyer
Gun Gursoy
Ata Deniz
Mohammed Badie

The Step Dads II
Kyle Alexander
Lukas Linemayr
Lane Bowman
Mitch Kubik
Riley Whitham
Patrick Quinn
Reed Wilson
Ian Notkin
Martin Jensen
Chris Bornhorst

Joga Bonito
Nicholas Regen
Leonardo Kim
Joel Izzedin
Benjamin Schwartzman
Gabriel Almeida
Mario Kotherja
Ale Aragao
Henri Hara

Flames FC
Brandon Boothe
Ian Surdell
Jake Molina
Hari Mahesh
Lucas Auriemo
Brock Eveleth

Team Bapsim
Ryan Lee
Taewoong Hwang
Eddie Kang
Jaeseung Lee
Dongho Lee
TY Kim
Jonghyun Park

Bijou FC
Brendan Duffy
Niall Dillon
Erik Patriquin

Isidoro Katz
Jonathon Katz
Camilo Donneys
Andres Borgonovo
Emilio Montemayor
Javier Guerrero
Daniel Assor
Sam Hamway
Daniel Sitt

Biso FC
Manuel Cadavid

Mohammed Hassan

Luke Martiros
Micholas Gutierrez
Peter Pham
Sebastian Ole
Pete Dunay
Cole Lyons

Real Babson
Andres Viso
Cesar Bravo
Juan Atuesta
Marlon Rico
Luca Rusconi
Joao Paiva
Hiroaki Kainuma
Josu Zabalza
Martin Barros
Guillermo Solorzano

Aman Parikh
Jay Rajan
Aaryan Arora
Dhruv Mukhija
Emmanuel Garcia
Ethan Laundry
Christian Sartori

Boca Juniors
Daniel Pinglo
Daniel Barclay
Ashwin Joe Noel
Nicolas Khaliliyeh
Carlos Levy
Jeff Hyde
Darren Scheufele
Gabriel Bedoya
Martin Schotel
Louis Gonzales
Roberto Acon
Nishant Udeshi

Tiki Taka
Twesh Kamdar
Yulio Stobbe
Diego Vilchez
Raushan Uttamchandani
Florian Huber
Yashwardhan Banthia
Ignacio Palacios
Felipe Acosta
Ryan Navas
Gustavo Meza
Carlos Bayona
Luis Zapata



Playing time shall be 40 minutes of running time (two halves of 20 minutes). Half-time shall be 5 minutes. The first team ready to play
(6 players present) will receive the referee choice at the beginning of the game. Clock will stop after 30 seconds of ball/injury problems.

PLAYERS: 6 vs. 6 teams should start games with 8 players. A minimum of 5 (1 goalie & 4 field players) is needed to avoid a
forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.

TIME-OUTS: Each team is permitted one time-out per half.

OT: 1-minute break...coin toss for possession... first goal wins (PK's after 5 minutes)

PK's: OT goalie can not change...best of 5...then 1 vs. 1

EQUIPMENT: Sneakers or indoor soccer shoes. No exposed braces. Shin guards are highly recommended.


OFFSIDES: There is not an offsides penalty in intramural games.

MID-FIELD STRIPE: A direct shot goal is only permitted on a team's offensive end.

GOALKEEPERS: The goalie shall not gain advantage by travelling more than four steps while holding the ball. If a goal keeper's teammate intentionally plays the ball back (to the goalie) with their foot, the goal keeper may not play the ball with their hands: penalty...direct kick from where the goalie retrieves the ball. Punts and drop-punts are not allowed (throw or drop & play).

DIRECT KICKS (5 yards)...slide tackles, kicks, trips, excessive force, jumping into, charging from behind, hand ball, not playing the ball, obstruction,
keeper charge, goalie kick-back hands, etc.

YELLOW CARD = misconduct [two yellow cards equal a red card]
* seven players, persistent infringement, dissent towards ref,
unsportsmanlike conduct

RED CARD = automatic ejection [team plays one short; ejected player must leave area and sit out the next contest] * violent act, abusive language, repeated misconduct after caution, utilizing the hands to save a goal

CARD PROCEDURE: Clock stopped & official will card. Supervisor will log name. Opponents direct kick & possession

* All players assume their own risk with IM participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.

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