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What I Did This Summer: Baseball Rising Junior Michael Nocchi

What I Did This Summer: Baseball Rising Junior Michael Nocchi

My name is Michael Nocchi and I am a rising junior on the Babson baseball team. This summer I was fortunate enough to play in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League for the Pittsfield Suns. While it was a hard decision to make considering I wouldn't be home for June, July and part of August, it was certainly worth while. Living with a host family in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and playing games almost every single day was a hard transition, but playing and living with our shortstop, rising senior Brian McHale, made it a lot easier.

The level of competition was very high and every time I pitched I faced hitters from all levels of college baseball across the country. Brian and I also played alongside fellow NEWMAC players and guys from teams we play against in our non-conference schedule, which lead to a lot of great conversations about this past spring and the season ahead. It was amazing how much you can learn from talking to past opponents. It was also a great experience to compete against Babson teammates Edward Lehr (Worcester Bravehearts) and Michael Genaro (Bristol Blues), who played on other teams in the league.

Having the two months to just focus on baseball and not have any other distractions allowed myself, Brian, Eddie and Mike a chance to make real strides and improvements in our game. We all learned a lot that we can use this upcoming spring to help our team make another push toward our goals of winning the NEWMAC, making it to the College World Series and competing for a national championship.