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Senior Reflection: Baseball's Brian McHale

Senior Reflection: Baseball's Brian McHale

Good teams get the big things right; they hit, field, run, and throw. Great teams get the big things right, but more importantly they do all the "little things" that are often the difference between winning and losing. Some of the "little things" are the result of day in and day out coaching and practice, such as executing a bunt or taking the correct route to a ball. Others are all about each players' attitude and discipline, such as hustling out of the box and communicating with teammates. Coach Noone instills that discipline and attention to detail in his players from the moment they step on campus.

Coach Noone's most valuable lesson to us was to trust our teammates. The talent on a team (and we had our share) doesn't matter if teammates don't trust each other. When teammates put complete trust into each other, they become stronger, more cohesive, and capable of reaching a common goal. That trust was evident this past season as well as in prior years, including the 2016, 2017, and 2018 teams I was lucky enough to be a part of. The players on those squads bought into the team philosophy and each guy played for the guy next to him.

Countless times, Babson baseball had its back against the wall – against Catholic and Union in the 2018 NCAA Regional, against MIT in the 2019 NEWMAC Tournament, against Trinity in the 2019 NCAA Regional and against Heidelberg in the 2019 College World Series. Every time, we found a way to get the job done. To an outsider, it might have seemed like luck or even supernatural, but to our team, it was expected. We expected to win in those situations because we had complete trust in each other to perform and execute. We knew the next guy would get it done.

From a NEWMAC playoff berth my first year, to winning the Babson Park Super Regional and earning a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to play in the College World Series my senior year, I will never forget my four years at Babson. Thank you to Coach Noone, Coach Ginsberg, Coach Kortmann, Coach Aizenstadt and Coach Govoni. Thank you to all the Babson baseball parents, families, friends, and alumni who supported us. Most of all, thank you to every one of my teammates of the past four years. We will always have each other's' backs on and off the field.