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What I Did This Summer: Men's Ice Hockey Rising Junior Ryan McDougall

What I Did This Summer: Men's Ice Hockey Rising Junior Ryan McDougall

My name is Ryan McDougall and I am a rising junior at Babson. I am from Milton, Ma., and am a member of the men's ice hockey team. Over the course of the summer I have been fortunate enough to intern with Wheels Up, which is a private aviation company. Wheels Up has a clubhouse at Fenway Park, which is where I spend my time while I am working. I've also returned to Wollaston Golf Club, which is a private golf course in Milton, for my fourth summer.

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund is a fund that provides need based financial aid to individuals all throughout Massachusetts that have served in the golf community. This coming school year, the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund will be awarding 2.2 million dollars to its scholars, which is up from 2 million in 2017. I first learned about being a Ouimet Scholar from a close friend who had worked at Wollaston Golf Club. Now fast forward to my senior year in high school when it was time for the new applicants to begin the process. I filled out the required documents and submitted them online and then had to complete an in-person interview. After this process, I waited a month or so until I heard from the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund and I was fortunate enough to have been named a scholar! On August 6th, I participated in the Francis Ouimet Golf Marathon for the third summer, where I played 100 holes in a day to raise money for the fund. Also a little fun fact is that my teammate Matt Brazel is also a Ouimet Scholar!

Some of my experiences this past summer from working for Wheels Up at Fenway Park has been simply being able to be around the atmosphere of Fenway and be able to meet so many kind people along the way. I have also learned a tremendous amount about the aviation industry! Since this is my fourth summer at Wollaston Golf Club, I could name endless experiences, but some of the ones that stick out to me the most are the members of the club and the daily interactions that I am able to have with them, whether it be a quick hello or a lengthy conversation about how everything is going. I have also found that by growing relationships with many of the members, I have been able to network with them and hopefully keep in touch with them after the summer and see where things take me from there.

I truly enjoy caddying because of the relationships that you form with the member's over the course of the round. When having to spend roughly four and a half hours with someone you are not entirely familiar with can be daunting, but after you get to talking you soon realize that you have a lot more in common than you think.