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Senior Reflection: Women's Lacrosse's Olivia McCahan

Senior Reflection: Women's Lacrosse's Olivia McCahan

I've tried to forget about the stress of the college search process, but the one thing I remember is my dad asking me why I wanted to play lacrosse in college. My simple response was that it will keep me busy. What I figured out is a verbal commitment to college athletics is the easy part; sticking with it for four years is the challenge.

Freshman year was terrifying. I was a homebody, scared of leaving my high school friends. It wasn't until I met the Babson women's lacrosse team that I felt like I had found my new home. The upperclassmen were incredible mentors during my first year, helping me balance the workload with practices. Spring time came around quickly and suddenly I wasn't just killing time playing lacrosse. I was spending hours each day with my best friends laughing, sweating, studying and bonding. This bond formed over the past four years is unbreakable.

Babson Athletics has given me an opportunity to challenge myself in a supportive environment. I've experienced championships as well as defeats. I've played in sunshine and snowstorms. With the guidance of my teammates, coaches, and the athletics community, I've been able to find success through the good times and the hardships. Through this four-year commitment, I dedicated myself to our team's core values: share, compete, enjoy, and trust. I held myself accountable for my mistakes and in return my team would praise me for my corrections and improvements. Commitment to a Babson team isn't just working hard to make yourself better. It's working hard to make your team and your program better, and I've seen these developments throughout my years.

A Babson education is unlike any other. Babson strives to teach you the values of building a network early on in your life to benefit your future. Babson Athletics has come to be my most valuable network. Thank you to my alumni for making my transition to college so easy. Thank you to my class of Babson athletes for the love, passion, and excitement you have brought to this school, making my four years unforgettable. I look forward to joining this incredible alumni group. To the underclassmen, time flies by, grow your network now, and challenge each other to keep your heads up and find success through every small accomplishment.