Women's Soccer

1 NCAA Tournament | 4 Conference Championships

Senior Reflection: Women's Soccer's Emma Dineen

Senior Reflection: Women's Soccer's Emma Dineen

Coming into the preseason my freshman year I didn't really know what to expect, other than I was going to have to keep my head down and work hard to earn a spot on the team. I was nervous to be at the bottom of the food chain again, but was beyond excited to compete at the collegiate level and meet my new teammates.

From the first movement that I stepped onto our practice field, to the present day, I have been nothing but motivated and pushed farther than I could've ever imagined by Babson women's soccer. Through the ups and downs, whether it was going to the NCAA Tournament or breaking a few bones and getting surgery along the way, my teammates have been a constant support system throughout my four years.

Outside of soccer, I joined the Babson Dance Ensemble and Babson Fashion Group, traveled abroad to Barcelona my junior year, and started my own fashion venture this past year. I wouldn't have been able to achieve so much during my time at Babson without the confidence and support that I gained from Wobabosoc.

There has been nothing more rewarding than getting on stage to dance in front of hundreds of people, seeing my teammates sitting front row, and cheering loud enough to blow the roof off the place. I couldn't be more proud to say that two of my teammates have joined the dance team this past year.

Although walking away from this sport has felt like losing a part of my identity, I cannot help but look back and be so thankful for the incredibly inspiring women that I got to go to battle with on and off the field, and who now have my back in every aspect of my life.

This program has taught me how to be a great leader, friend, and most importantly a tenacious woman who can do anything she puts her mind to. I am beyond proud to be an official Babson women's soccer alum, and I can't wait to see the program evolve and succeed in the coming years.