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What I Did This Summer: Women's Soccer Rising Junior Addie Lalor

What I Did This Summer: Women's Soccer Rising Junior Addie Lalor

Addie Lalor, women's soccer rising junior

This summer I was accepted into the Arcadia University London Summer Internship Program. This program entails both a study abroad and internship experience which was exactly what I wanted for my summer. I arrived in London on June 2nd and began classes and work two days later on the 4th. I elected to take a 'Contemporary Photography' class and then was required to take a 'Work in Thought and Action' class both lasting three weeks and granting me six credits total. I decided to take the photography class because in addition to exploring incredible photography and historically acclaimed photographers in the classroom, our class was also taken all around London to various art exhibits and musuems; this was the perfect way to pick up photography again and explore the art and history scene in London. My Work in Thought and Action class mainly covered the difference in work and work environment around the world and required an extensive research paper at the end touching on your place of work, what you did for your internship, challenges you faced working there, challenges the company faced, research on those challenges and their potential solutions, and a conclusion about what you learned working there.

My internship was with GHS Global Hospitality, a sub-company of Integrity International Group (IIG). IIG, the umbrella company, encompasses various smaller companies to create a kind of complex web of products and services. IIG includes: Integrity International Trust (IIT), GHS Global Hospitality (GHS), Integrity International Marketing (IIM), a small tech company managing a CRM program that they created, and a property company that maintains properties bought by the IIG CEO Tony Matharu. I worked across almost all of these sub-companies but did most of my work with GHS, a marketing and sales representative firm that partners with independent hotels worldwide that have a harder time reaching a global audience in the midst of more monopolistic entities (ex. Hyatt Hotels) and in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In essence, they act as an extension of, or the entire, marketing and sales team of their partner hotels. This was the perfect placement for me because I am concentrating at Babson in Global Business Management and Marketing, and worked as a marketing executive intern for a globalized company. Throughout my time there, I worked on marketing material for both GHS and their partnering hotels. This included creating fact sheets for hotels, altering and creating websites for IIG companies or other hotels, creating brochures for GHS hotel collections, writing blog posts, auditing material for hotel partners, and creating logos and signatures. I also spent some time working with their operations team as IIG was in the midst of creating a new sub-company known as Blue Orchid Hotels, a collection of recently purchased London based hotels, and they needed help with data mining and reformatting, and supplier and vendor purchases for these new hotels.

In terms of travel, I had the incredible opportunity to visit places like Wales, Edinburgh, Brighton, Paris, Cambridge and Windsor - I was even able to visit my old house in Windsor where I lived 16 years ago and meet the family that purchsed the house from us all those years ago and still live there today. I tried to stick around London as much as I could  as well to really feel like I had a home here for the last two months. However, outside the local coffee shops and restaurants I did every touristy thing possible: London Tower, the Eye, London Bridge, Columbia Road Flower Market, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Little Venice, Pride Parade, Natural History Museum, Big Ben, the Shard, Kew Gardens, Shakespear's Globe Theatre, Chinatown, Camden Stables Market, and just about every other museum, art exhibit and market I could find. Despite spending two months here, there's still so much I wish i could have seen, but hopefully I can come back in the spring when I study abroad again in Europe!