Babson Skating School
A United States Figure Skating Program

The Babson Skating School offers excellent figure skating and hockey development programs for beginners through advance skaters.
As part of the United States figure skating program, skaters begin at the Snowplow Sam (under 5yrs) or the Basic skills (over 5yrs), an can progress all the way up to a free skate skater.
We strive to keep our class sizes small and feature Learn to Skate USA certified instructors who have had many years of teaching experience.

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Basic Skills = Tue 340pm+430pm, Thu 340pm, Fri 410pm, Sat 1130pm
Levels 1-8
Ages 5 and over
Teaches the fundamentals of skating
Level 1 Beginner  Level 8 Advanced
40 minute instruction and 10 minute practice time

Snowplow Sam = Wed 2:20 & 2:50 pm, Fri 1030am+340pm, Sat 1030am+11am
Levels 1-4
Ages 3-5 yrs. old
30 minute class

Free Skate = Tue 5:20pm, Thu 4:30pm, Sat 940am
Levels 1-6
More advanced competitive skating
Must have passed Basic levels 1-8
50 minute class

Hockey = Tue  430pm, Thu 340pm
Levels 1-4
Teaches fundamentals of hockey with a focus on skating skills
40 minute instruction and 10 minute practice time
Full equipment suggested: Helmet, shin guards, hockey skates are required

Preparing For Class - Helpful Hints

Babson Skating School USFSA Level Breakdowns by Class