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Senior Reflection: Women's Cross Country's and Track & Field's Maeve Sullivan

Senior Reflection: Women's Cross Country's and Track & Field's Maeve Sullivan

I distinctly remember the excitement and joy that consumed me four years ago when I received my admission decision from Babson College. I was thrilled to know that after all of my hard work throughout high school, I would finally be able to attend the school of my dreams. I chose Babson because I wanted to learn how to foster my entrepreneurial spirit and become a compassionate, intelligent, and insightful businesswoman (while continuing my passion for running). As I now enter into my final semester, I can confidently say that Babson has given me all of this and more. I never could have predicted how transformative and rewarding my college experience would be. At Babson, the opportunities for athletic, personal, and professional development are limitless.

As a member of the Babson women's cross country and track & field teams, I have learned how rewarding and demanding it is to be a student-athlete. While natural talent and ability may be enough to thrive in high school athletics, it does not cut it in college. Varsity athletics requires an immense amount of physical, mental, and time commitment that goes beyond just involvement. In order to be successful in running, you have to be willing to put in the work. It can sometimes take months, or even seasons, of countless miles, meets, and practices before having a breakthrough race. My greatest personal achievements came in my most recent cross country season, where I finished with multiple personal records. The determination and discipline I put into running throughout my four years took a long time to pay off. I am proud of my identity as an athlete and runner because I understand the sacrifice that comes with success. My team and I run on weekends and weekdays, in sunshine and snow, on tracks and trails, and in the fall and spring seasons. In the face of injuries, setbacks, and adversity, true athletes not only push through challenges, but also improve from them.

My time in cross country and track has allowed me to gain a holistic perspective on the importance of leadership and teamwork. In any sport, it is critical to have leaders who know how to motivate individuals, create an inclusive environment, and cultivate a positive team culture. Ultimately, good leaders give the respect that they wish to receive. They prioritize everyone on the team, as they know that it takes more than just a few individuals to grow a successful program. Often, leaders come in many different forms and do not always have to be the loudest voice in the room. I have always challenged myself to embody the characteristics of a true leader by setting a positive example, establishing standards, and exercising compassion toward those around me. In addition to strong leadership, teamwork is at the foundation of every successful team. In my many years of running, I have found the most amount of motivation and joy in the company of my teammates. When it seems nearly impossible to finish a workout or race, all it takes is the power of one teammate to help you persevere. My experience with running has allowed me to form unbreakable friendships that will last for the rest of my life. Reflecting upon all the memories my teammates and I have shared, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have met so many incredible people. I am blessed to have been surrounded by friends who continuously make me laugh and fill my life with happiness.

While athletics has been one of the most significant elements of my college experience, I have been able to take full advantage of all the enriching opportunities Babson has to offer. I have served the campus community in my roles as a peer on wellness (POW), peer mentor, and summer resident assistant. As a POW, I advocate for health and wellness education, resources, and programming to promote student well-being. As a peer mentor, I help first-year students transition into Babson and mentor them throughout their first semester of college. In addition, I work two jobs during the school year as both a student assistant in the alumni office and a peer consultant in the writing center. Furthermore, my Babson education has granted me the honor of completing three valuable internships in marketing, merchandising, and operations. Some of the most monumental experiences I have had throughout college were while studying abroad! I studied abroad for a semester in the fall of 2018 in Freiburg, Germany, and most recently participated in an elective abroad program in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the spring, I will graduate with a dual concentration in Marketing and Retail Supply Chain Management.

I am incredibly thankful for all that Babson has given me. Although I grew up only 30 miles away, Babson has opened the door to an entire world of opportunity. I am grateful to attend a school that values ambition and inspires me to be better every day. I truly appreciate the chance to receive a fabulous education, participate in athletics, and become a changemaker on campus. Babson has helped me to become an individual that exercises the values of integrity, honesty, humility, and versatility in everything I do. I am eternally grateful for the love and support I have received from my family, friends, teammates, peers, and professors over the past few years. As an alumnus, I hope to give back to Babson as much as possible and remain connected to the institution, organizations, and people that have given me the best four years of my life.